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To offer you the best, most thorough, most advanced chiropractic care available. We warmly welcome families of all ages and life stages, from infancy through adulthood. Our office is equipped with the latest technology, including on-site digital X-ray and computerized nerve scanners, meaning that your examination will be both efficient and thorough.

At Focus Family Chiropractic, we utilize the Gonstead System of chiropractic care.

What is the Gonstead System?

The Gonstead System provides a more focused method of determining the exact spot we need to adjust in a patient. Dr Gonstead found that the greater the specificity, the greater the change we will notice in our patient’s health.

With the Gonstead System, you can expect the following when you visit Focus Family Chiropractic:


Visualization is a way to cross reference all the other findings. Dr Owen studies your posture and movement, looking for subtle changes which could indicate any problems. He may use digital posture analysis to ensure he doesn’t miss anything.


We use both Static and Motion Palpation to pinpoint areas of involvement. Static Palpation is the process of feeling (palpating) your spine in a stationary position. Motion Palpation feels the spine while moving it at various angles. This helps Dr Owen to see how easily each segment in your spine moves.


Using a Nervoscope, Dr Owen can detect uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can indicate inflammation and nerve pressure. Along with a computerized thermo scanner, this helps you to see your progress.

X-Ray Analysis

We have a digital X-ray machine in our office. X-Rays enable us to visualize the entire structure of your spine. This is helpful to evaluate posture, joint and disc integrity, vertebral misalignments and rule out pathologies or recent fractures that may be present.

Case Management

Also known as (Symptomatology), one of the first things Dr Owen will do with you is…talk. Chiropractic care is not a cook-book of care recipes. It’s uniquely tailored to you. By learning what help you are looking for, as well as understanding past issues and future goals, Dr Owen can give you the specific care you require.

"I feel like I've finally gotten a road map to a better life. I've been losing weight and feeling better, more alive. I've also found myself feeling less stressed out with the daily grind. I've been able to take charge of situations which would normally send me into a panic."

Steve H.

"I feel like a normal person again and am excited for summer time runs."

Sarah M.

"This is hands down the best chiropractic practice I have ever been to. Dr. Owen is talented, knowledgeable and professional. He always has time to explain what he is seeing to the patient and he uses the tools at his disposal to show you progress reports as your treatment continues. Because of this even my skeptic husband is a chiropractic convert now!."

Crystal C.

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